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NoviSport Gel

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Novisport products provide sportsmen and women with innovative new products that meet the demand for greater safety combined with increased comfort, so that they can play their favourite sports under ideal conditions.

Using the latest formulation technologies, the Novisport products are suitable for use in all conditions not involving a serious accident or post-accident situation (ie. minor traumas).

The Hyaluronan used in Novisport products is produced by natural fermentation and is not of animal origin, and is not a genetically modified product. An important innovation applied in the Novisport products line, the functional activity of the products is not based solely on the action of the individual active ingredients used, but also on their vehicle (excipients). This is made possible by introducing into the formulation matrix particular substances called “penetration enhancers” which increase the bioavailability of the individual active constituents (hydration, heating, moisturising, etc.), promoting their spread through the skin and the cell membranes present at the site of application so that they act as re-structuring agents.

Novisport products benefit from having none of the drawbacks of a drug (doping risk, interaction with other medicinal products, various adverse effects) and can be used frequently, especially for preventive purposes, so there is no need to forego the enjoyment of playing one’s favourite sport.

Novisport products are designed for all sportsmen and women, whether professionals or amateurs, who are highly demanding and particularly interested in accident prevention. The line is also suitable for minor traumas, as an important aid to post-traumatic rehabilitation. The ideal user is a man or woman who practises one or more sports 3-4 times a week.

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