Novisport Gel's

I have been using these gel's for a little while now within treatments and I love them. Some clients are also already useing them within their training. 

So what are they and what do they do? 

Distributed by Fulcrum Health there are 4 gels, these being Fatigue Relief Gel, Warm Up Gel, Cool Down Gel and Feet Technogel. They all contain Hyaluronan which is a natural moisterizer produced in the body from Glucosamine. It's purpose is to improve joint health, flexability and to lubricate the joints to reduce pain.

The Fatigue Relief Gel when applied has a refreshing, tingling feeling, which helps the muscles to relax. Using this in conjuction to my massage medium, clients have commented the gel has a nice scent and they can feel it working on the muscles. 

The Warm Up Gel, unlike other warm up gel, has no/ or little aroma. Applied to the muscles pre activity it warms the muscles, which in turn improves blood flow helping reduce the risk of injury. I have also used this within massage treatments to help relax extremely hypertonic muscles.  One client that has used it to help his calf muscles said he applied it pre his tennis game and felt no difference, but as soon as he started playing could feel the gel working and the muscles warming up. He now uses it pre every tennis game.

The Cool Down Gel has a methol smell to it and when applied has a cooling effect almost instantly. It is an aid to help recovery from bruises, sprains and strains by speeding up circulation.

The Feet Technogel has a lovely methol smell to it. I thought it would be nice to use at the end of a reflexology treatment, but as a medium it doesn't work for the perpose of reflexology. That's not to say that this product isn't good! The fact that it is absorbed by the feet so quickly is a masssive plus! The Feet gel is designed to treat connective tissue in the foot damaged by friction and stress in sports footwear. Containing along with the Hyaluronan, is calendula, arnica and witch hazel which helps promote reduction of swelling and soreness. 

A few clients have tried some samples I have had (I only have a few more) and have all said they like the product.

If this is something you would be interested in please get in touch, I have a few in stock at the moment, but can always get more and at a good price.

Heidi x

Posted on October 17, 2013 .